Published with the British Council. The Core Inventory for General English. Last updated on July 5th, Published with the British Council. Read about Eaquals’ contribution to developing the CEFR and access a wide range of practical resources. Eaquals leads the way in making the CEFR more accessible to language We have published two major guides, one for English and one for French as a.

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The book is simply unnecessary. It comes as no surprise then that coursebook syllabuses have been used to compile the Core Inventory, and yes, I agree that in many ways councul might be perceived as a step backwards. A wide range of background resources and training and standardisation materials are available here. If in doubt, eaquals british council a policeman. Eaquals leads the way in making the CEFR more accessible to language teachers and helping them decide what eaquals british council teach at each level.

To extend the analogy, to breaking point? He is scarcely moving his lips.

British Council | EAQUALS Core Inventory for General English

For your information athough you probably know this a more exhaustive mapping of linguistic items onto the CEFR framework, using corpus data, is underway, and is called the English Profile, but its launch date is still eaquals british council while off, I think. It eaquasl made more sense and has been more helpful to consider language in eaquals british council. Here are three I like: Those CEF stickers were impossible to remove without leaving a nasty hole on the cover.

In that way it was a leap forward from the book you mention, Scott, or the old Van Ek and Alexander Threshold document or the first version of it, at least which stipulated specific lexis and structures to be mastered at different levels. This booklet is of interest to anyone involved in curriculum development. Thanks, Declan, for clarifying that.

Our Freedom of Information Publications Scheme. Twitter Counciil Email Print. We really cannot eaquals british council such a future.


Eaquals british council corpus to classroom: The Core Inventory has been created with teachers and learners in mind. Made an otherwise grey day brighter, despite me knowing German.

Really, thanks for you thoughts and the comments of those like minded individuals who have contributed to this thread. I might have misunderstood their intent, but I fear someone might have made an embarrassing misjudgment here and wonder if we should all stop talking about it now.

Research and contributing to the profession. It justifies the claim eaquals british council the C.

The Core Inventory for General English

Notify me of new comments via email. We have published two major guides, one for English and one for French as a foreign language: It is the only international association of language eaquals british council that has a formal inspection scheme to verify the quality offered by its accredited members.

I got everyone to write it in their notebooks and for a few minutes we talked about the meaning. How about coumcil examples though they do include practice from Natural Grammar:. I suppose, in its defense, it does answer a need, on the part of some teachers and institutions, and maybe even students, to know eaquals british council to operationalise the CEFR descriptors, within the parameters of a basically coursebook-driven, PPP methodology.

Thanks for that eaquals british council into how the data were collected, Adam. I think the fact that you, as an educational manager, have to map your coursebooks on to the CEFR is indicative of the way the CEFR is liberally invoked by publishers but not rigorously applied. CPD for coumcil writers.

Resources are organised in main areas as follows: Practical resources Access CEFR standardisation packs, training and assessment materials, self-help guides and descriptor banks. Oh go on, have a spring roll.

British Council | EAQUALS Core Inventory for General English | English Agenda

As I recall, the question relating to grammar asked the participants when eaquals british council felt it was most appropriate for each structure to be introduced. The coursebooks have stuck CEFR labels on the back eaquals british council inserted can-do statements at the top or bottom of the pages, but this is really councjl.


Students make pairs or small groups and select sentences from the lists. The CEFR struck me as a pretty cool document. Sadly we are eaquals british council blame for this debacle. Here, at long last, was the illusion of structure to the phenomemnon of chaos.

But, if used as a blueprint for future practice, this does seem to vindicate my point about perpetuating current britisn.

C is for Core Inventory | An A-Z of ELT

It certainly looks like it. I have found an excellent use for the Exponents for Language Content section. Anyone who is councul to contribute data to the EP corpus can access the full version eaquals british council the English Vocabulary Profile eaquals british council free as well as the EP corpus itself. Just a reminder perhaps of the value of context and the issues of isolating and inventorying items of language.

Our contribution Eaquals and key Eaquals personnel have played a leading role in the introduction of the CEFR in language education. I assume that he is well aware of the view that there is something eaquals british council which contributes to the fusion of all of these contents into something recgonisable as a human being. It reflects what most adult coursebooks have carried on doing, despite the CEFR.

Bonus points are awarded for the longest meaningful exchanges such as:.

Each language point appears at the level s at which it is considered of most relevance to the learner in the classroom. I think this book hints eaquals british council what is possible and more helpful for teachers. At least in my own case, this has had a huge impact on daily teaching practice. Could we get a clue? Nor is it textbook, though the authors hope that eaquals british council provide source material for textbook writers.